Monday, November 2, 2009

I can't bear to watch

I didn't watch the game against Philly.  I swore off near the end of regulation against Charlotte, when Raymond Felton waltzed directly to the rim, not once, but twice, for a virtually uncontested layup, using barely any time off the clock, against Jeffries, who is supposedly the Knicks defensive stopper. 

The 76'ers shot SIXTY ONE FUCKING PERCENT against the Knicks.  Obviously, D'Antoni isn't known for coaching defense, but this is ridiculous.  His Suns team could actually get a stop once in a while, and definitely could when they had to.  

I did, however, nail exactly the number of points the Knicks would score against Charlotte, just got everything else wrong.  So, to keep my predictive streak alive, tonight the Knicks fall at home to New Orleans by  a score of 111-92.  

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