Friday, January 22, 2010

Come Rain or Come Shine

This beautiful standard was stuck in my head on the ride in to work and I decided it was appropriate, that it serves as an homage to my

I'm gonna love you, like nobody's loved you
Come rain or come shine
High as a mountain, deep as a river
Come rain or come shine
I guess when you met me
It was just one of those things
But don't you ever bet me
'Cause I'm gonna be true if you let me
You're gonna love me, like nobody's loved me
Come rain or come shine
We'll be happy together, unhappy together
Now won't that be just fine
The days may be cloudy or sunny
We're in or out of the money
But I'm with you always
I'm with you rain or shine

It shouldn't surprise me that it was stuck in my head since I've been ob
sessed with it lately, playing many versions over and over, transcribing Grant Green's solo on the great Stanley Turrentine album Up at Minton's, and generally driving my wife bonkers with it.  

A few favorite versions are 
1) Art Blakey - Moanin'....Lee Morgan just kills me, actually makes me laugh out loud. 

3) Frank Sinatra

Thursday, January 14, 2010


I attended a lot of schools, which makes rooting for various teams more a question of labor than heart.  At the moment, UVa is the one making me most proud.  I never actually was a student there, other than a couple of summer school classes, but they have always been my home team as I was born and raised in Charlottesville, my father was a professor at UVa, and both of my brothers went there.  I went to basketball camp there, and was a ballboy during the Sampson era. They have a 2-0 start in the ACC after a good win last night over 18th ranked Georgia Tech. Will the good times last? Probably not, but at least it should be more fun, now that they have gotten rid of huge curmudgeon Dave Leitao,
 (who happened to drag down another of my schools, DePaul).  

Monday, January 11, 2010

down under

Aussie open just around the corner, here are some interesting recent results

Personally, I'm happy to see Henin and Clijsters back and beating everyone.  They must have been going crazy through retirement at how horrible the women were playing. 

Davydenko continues to clean up in non-slams, beating Fed and Nadal at the end of 09, and doing it again in 2010.  

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Forgive me?

I don't know how to explain all the Knicks recent success, other than that there are a lot of bad teams in the association.  They play one tonight, always seems to come down to the wire against the Bobcats, I'm going to say they actually win this one easily.

Contador-esque fingerbanging, something tells me he is not really sorry. 

Gilbert Arenas
Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE/Getty ImagesGilbert Arenas apologized after he joked with Washington teammates before Tuesday's game at Philadelphia.