Thursday, May 21, 2009

T shirts for sale!

Place your orders now! and taking design suggestions!!

First one reads - "You all drive like fucking idiots!"

I live in a city with these people?

(referring to some of the bonehead comments)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

the hits keep coming

the hits keep coming

"I've also been told that the 11 pm10 pm local news on Fox channel 5 is going to run a report tonight on a Brooklyn resident named Miguel Padro who was arrested the other day for bicycling on the sidewalk on his way to work at the Prospect Park Tennis Center. I haven't spoken with Padro yet to get the story for myself, but word has it the NYPD held him in jail for 24 hours without a phone call despite the fact that he had no oustanding summonses or any problems with his record. Padro's wife and employer were really shaken up by the arrest. By 9 a.m. the next morning after he didn't show up to work, they began to fear that he'd been kidnapped or killed. It sounds like a completely insane story but given the NYPD's increasingly randomsenseless crackdowns on bicyclists it is entirely believable. I'm looking forward to seeing the Fox News piece and talking to Padro for myself before getting too worked up about this. "


2009_05_baddriver.jpgAccording to GMAC Insurance's annual National Driver Test, drivers in the Empire State are dead last in the country. You can take the test here; New Yorkers scored an average of 70.5 while top honors went to Idaho and Wisconsin drivers, who received 80.6. NJ is second to last and California is fourth to last, with Hawaii in between. NY1's Roger Clark posed some questions to drivers—here's an exchange (spoiler warning, if you planned on taking the test): "Roger Clark: 'A traffic light with a flashing red signal means: A) Yield; B) Stop; C) Caution.' Driver: 'I think it's C. Caution, slow down. When I see it, I slow down.' Clark: 'Actually, you're supposed to stop.' Driver: 'You are? I do not stop.'"


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Why oh why

Why does the old grey lady have to screw me on a monthly basis?