Saturday, May 29, 2010

the Wow! signal

Renting a car means listening to the radio. Not necessarily and not always, but often, especially when you are running late and as a result have way overpacked, stuffing far too much into one bag carelessly and trying to find CDs to stuff into the bag, deciding that they will take up too much room, etc.
I heard Tom Petty, Ace of Bass, John Cougar Mellencamp, Bush (Everything Zen, no, I don't think so). I definitely did not hear any song recorded since the last time I listened to the radio. Maybe this is due to the death of the major label stranglehold on music, or the reconciliation of that death with the fact that they still have a stranglehold on radio.

I did hear an incredibly interesting piece on sounds from outer space,ie. the Wow! signal (great name for a band)

Here is a very blurry shot of the order of events:

I won't go into too much detail, but the day was a huge amount of fun. I didn't do that well competitively speaking, but 
I learned a great deal and will definitely be going back, often.  There were 2 crashes, a not so nasty one that happened directly in front of me when a guy snapped his chain, and then one that happened in the B Feature, second to last race of the day, that was very nasty. 
 Fortunately, the guy 
seemed alert and relatively ok as he was loaded into the ambulance.  

Here are a few more pics from the day.  I love the Kutztown Cutters kit, so asked Patty to model it for me. 

Patty is fantastically nice, and turns out she, like me, is a basketball junkie.  She was the first 1000 pt scorer in Marist history, overshadowed by the Dunkin' Dutchman:  Most importantly, she was a big fan of my boyhood idol, Jeff Lamp. 

A few more:

The age range was 
amazing, probably from about 10-70, and the number of people who come out to watch is really surprising.   Finally, this kid is freaking awesome, and me at the end, saying ow, :

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

goin postal

No, not a post about the recent stunning (sarcastic) allegations from Floyd, although maybe roid rage explains the postal worker phenomenon.  I was just in the Post Office on the Upper East side where the following interaction took place.  I was called to the window, very normal average 50ish white male says "does this envelope contain any liquid, any hazardous substances...."? I say no, a monotone (at first) monologue ensues.  He says, "look at those old women in line, what the fuck is wrong with them, old bats..."  His voice is becoming far more effeminate.  "That one that was behind you is ready to start some shit, she better not start it with me, old bitch, I'll punch her in the goddamn neck. I don't know if she is trying to look sexy, or missed her fiber this morning.  So, we have to ask everyone this question, does your envelope contain any liquid or hazardous substances"  I say no, he says "I know, I asked you already, I'm telling you a story.  So, I ask one of these old bitches that, and she yells, no!  I tell her she better keep her panties on and not fuck with me.  Have a good day."

When I get back to the office I have a text from my wife, who is living in Portland for the summer, which says: "a woman just inched up next to me at the curb so that her umbrella would cover my head."  

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

on the road again....

off to Denver, then driving to Portland, will put up some pics if I get some decent ones.  

Awesome Giro, dvr better get it all.  And the Tour of California.