Wednesday, October 31, 2012

nba picks

My NBA obsession outlet, please ignore if you are one of the few people who read this (looking at you, Mza.)

Miami over Boston, Cleveland over Washington, Lakers over Mavs (picked Tues 1 PM)

Well, got 2 of 3 right. Miami fended off Beantown, Cavs took care of Wiz and Dallas beat the new look Lake show, who will take a while to figure out how to ignore Coach Brown.

Tonight, I will take Pacers over Raptors, Nuggets over 6ers, Rockets over Pistons (as much as I am looking fwd to seeing Lin crash and burn, I cant name a single D player off the top off my head), Bulls over Kings, Spurs over Hornets, Dallas over Utah, G State over Phoenix, Clippers over Grizz, and Lakers bounce back to beat Portland.