Thursday, May 21, 2009

T shirts for sale!

Place your orders now! and taking design suggestions!!

First one reads - "You all drive like fucking idiots!"


  1. but aren't you worried this tshirt will just affirm that people on bicycles are rude-y-mc-nood-ies? what with the swearing?

    Have you considered a tshirt that says, "when you hit me with your car it hurts me but it makes me want to give you flowers" or "hitting me with your car probably hurts you more than it kills me"

    i want to win over the hearts and minds of drivers so we eventually live in a world where, when a soccer mom in a mini van talking on her cell phone is about to hit me on my bike, she'll put her call on hold and try to call my phone to let me know she's about to run me over.

    I think if we make an effort to keep the potty mouth off our tshirts, eventually the whole world will be on our speed dial.

  2. interesting, i'm going to fwd your comment to my good friend to include in his blog highlighting the best worst comments, or worst best comments, i'm not sure which, but he'll skewer your apologist ass for sure

  3. I think this one is bloody awesome:

    "hitting me with your car probably hurts you more than it kills me"

  4. me too, i think that's the winner so far. congratulations mr. mzza.