Monday, November 23, 2009

blow by boy do these teams blow

Sharing my thoughts as I watch "the game" and get ready for a post suckfest bike ride to the great northern environs of "Nyack" or "Piermont" or some such exotic locale.  

Joined the game late after brunch, just about 4 minutes left in the first.  Devin Harris comes in and instantly the Nets look like a better team, better than they were and better than the Knicks. Timeout for D'Antoni to make defensive adjustments, in other words, to remind them that Harris is good and they should try checking him, and to put in Curry.  

(I didn't predict before the game, but since Knicks are up by 5 right now you should believe me when I say that I have been picking the Nets all along.)

2:09 pm
Knicks hold for final shot, don't get a good one, but close out a decent half up by 9.  Larry Hughes has 10 to lead all Knicks.  Nate got in trouble with increasingly testy D'Antoni for shooting at the wrong basket after the buzzer at the end of period 1, which is a pretty idiotic thing to do, especially since he seemed to be guilty of not trying to get a shot off in the .5 seconds he had.  Oh god, not the freaking Time Warner commercial with the world's most annoying guy again talking about "losers" in HD.  

Time to kit up slowly.  Where the hell is my coffee?  Where is my bib?  Gu?  

This was the post I started writing, and I had every intention of continuing the periodic updates, until....I fell asleep.  Yes, that was how bad the game was, and I am not just saying that since my prediction was wrong.  It was bad, really bad, and that is coming from someone who enjoys old school eastern conference scrums.  I used to sit on the couch with my Dad, and just love watching the Bullets ugly it up against an Eastern Conference opponent. But this just put me to sleep.  

Knicks won then lost in overtime the following day to the Boston Celtics, who had clearly enjoyed NYC the night before and were not enjoying the early Sunday start time.  Time for a West Coast Swing, look for the Lakers to demolish the Knicks tomorrow night, let's say 128-100.

Nyack was beautiful, I felt recharged, hadn't gone for a while, and felt new and fun all over again.  

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