Tuesday, October 13, 2009


As is often the case with events I am looking forward to, the best parts of the trip were the unexpected bits.  I like a good road trip, and the bagel and coffee and checking out CD's I hadn't gotten a chance to listen to while seeing some pretty leaves did the trick.  In this case, it was some Skeeter Davis,  and a random "hilbilly fever" mix made by a friend.  Did the obligatory getting lost after exiting for gas somewhere in Jersey.  Somehow, even though you never seem to be far from an interstate in Jersey, I can never seem to find my way back on.  Not bad though, I wasn't really stressed for time and I do find it a pretty state (in parts) to drive around, and I was enjoying my first time driving a hybrid.  

I got to the velodrome fairly late into the proceedings and I can believe that the good stuff was pretty well picked over by this point.  Still, even hours into it, there were plenty of options for complete bikes, road or track, frames, and more parts at cheap prices than one usually sees in one spot.  Wish it was all like that, the only disappointing part, for me, maybe not for others, was the plethora of bike stores just hawking clothing at none too deep discounts.  It isn't terribly hard to find jerseys and gloves for 10-30% off anywhere, even in NYC, but, did seem to be what a lot of the people were there for.  

The part that was most pleasantly surprising for me was the people, who were generally friendly, fun, very enthusiastic cyclists and collectors, and were happy to t
alk shop.  I'm excited to go back next year, now that I have a bit of an idea what is there, I think it'll help to go with a bit more of a mental shopping list.  

Other than big stuff, fun stuff I came home with included cool espresso mugs, socks, pint glasses and coffee mugs from LionofFlanders.com, booth manned by a couple nice guys from the Gotham team.  Love the demitasse (picture this in espresso cup size):

Unfortunately, the Kutztown Cutters were sold out of their very cool caps, 
but were extremely friendly, knew Stacey (pres of Kissena) and despite their half joking dismissal of our home track (and T town is one beautifully smooth oval), and the fact that they were both taller than me (I hate it when people are taller than me, height is one of the few things I have working for me), I was very happy to meet them.  Not to mention, they just have a very cool kit/logo:

I ended up where my search began many months ago, and after adding the price of a rental car, didn't save all that much from had I bought in Brooklyn, but I had a good time, learned a bit, and am looking forward, already, to next year, and returning wit
h a big bin and a wish list of parts. 

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  1. Glad you had a good time. I have a hard time finding the stuff that I really need at T-Town - I've found it's more about opportunism than scoring the big ticket items. Although there was that time I got a really nice Campagnolo wheelset... but by and large I think it's a good place to get stuff for future projects, extra saddles and seatposts, backup derailleurs, and old pedals and well, since my entire bike is made up of used parts, it winds up working out well. Glad you had a good time.

    The first time I went there I knew I just had to race on that smooth white wall.