Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Knicks

The New York Knicks opened their season in expected fashion, with a miserable loss that was far worse than even the final score (115-93) let on.  "The Rooster"(Gallinari), hit 7 useless 3's and David Lee was one rebound shy of the first of many totally inconsequential and misleading double doubles of the season.  Their always suspect, expected to be lousy defense was somewhere between porous and non-existent.  An argument could be made that this team doesn't field a single player who would start on any other team in the league.  In this (non) season of limbo before next year's free agent signings the only things of interest will be silly sideshows, such as:

Does Eddy Curry play more than 30 games this season?  

Does Jared Jeffries get traded?  (For that matter, does Nate or David Lee get traded)?

Will coach's head actually explode?  

Totally unrelated, I am greatly looking forward to riding alongside a wheelchair racer in this Sunday's NY marathon.  


  1. I signed up to ride alongside the wheelchair racers in march's atlanta ING marathon. Closed course through the city should be a blast.

  2. that's great! I plan on yelling at all the runners to stay out of the bike lane.