Friday, October 23, 2009

On monkey pee and common sense

As a coworker said, "maybe we wouldn't need to be so litigious if people just understood some basic shit, like it's not ok to have monkey urine coming through the ceiling."

In light of our recent monkey urine situation, receiving this oh so clever invite was maybe not so funny:

Dear RU students, staff, and faculty:

We regret to inform you that many of the animals on campus have suddenly taken on a horrifying suite of mutations, all of which confer great murderous powers. Species such as C. elegans, M. musculus, and D. melanogaster, our faithful workhorses for so many years, are now particularly disgruntled. They are amassing in the Faculty club into an army of gangrenous, spindly, gelatinous, venomous  vengeance.

We can adhere to safety protocols and hide, but this will only defer the carnage which is to descend. Our only option is to confront these creatures with music, nibbles, and refreshments.

Where: Faculty Club
When: Friday, October 30.  Show up at 9 pm; particularly courageous people should show up at 6 pm for happy hour as well.

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