Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fall Classic Ramblings

Post-season baseball time, great time of year.  The Mets had a hugely disappointing season (an understatement) so I am stuck in the position of rooting against teams.  Thankfully, that is easy when the Yankees are involved, so.... Let's go Twins!  This is made even easier by Minnesota being where my wife is from.  I had a great, old school Twins baseball cap given to me by a great guy named Tim, bluegrass guitarist, cyclist, artist, art installer, who was living in the house in Jamaica Plain where I ended up living for a couple of years while at Berklee Factory of Music.  My friend Drex (just married last weekend, congrats Drex) was living there and I remember going to visit and being woken up by the sound of a coffee grinder and an espresso machine (of the very old and thunderously loud variety).  On a crisp New England morning, that just sounded and smelled like about the very best thing in the world.  I came from a Maxwell House family, and from this time forward was totally hooked on freshly ground dark, shiny, aromatic as hell beans.  A little party for the ol' olfactory....  Anyway, I fully expect them to get crushed, but it would be fantastic if they could pull off the upset.  With the wind gusting away today in the ridiculous new ballpark (only 1 game where neither team has homered the entire season!!) should at least be fun to watch.  Thankfully, I can also ride my wife's family coattails and root against the Phillies, as her parents live in Frisco, CO, and we were married there in her grandfather's cabin, one of my favorite places.  I'll take Dodgers over Cards and Red Sox over Angels.  

College football, all I can say is UVa is terrible and it's time to fire Groh (oddly enough exactly what I spent most of last winter saying just substituting basketball for football and Leitao for Groh).  Other than that too exhausting to take up here, ditto for NFL, NHL, and Premier League.   NBA - I'll just get too irate talking about the Knicks.  Think it was summed up pretty well by the recent quote regarding umpteen million dollar man Eddy Curry = "we're just trying to get him to a place where he can run up and down a court".....sigh.   

The only cycling related news for me is that I am very excited for the T town swap this weekend. 


  1. Dodgers over Cards?!? I'm crushed.

  2. C'mon, you know what the Cards did to the mets a few yrs ago, spoiling "the catch" and leaving us with memories of Beltran never taking the bat off his shoulder!