Thursday, November 8, 2012

nba night 9

Tomorrow I like Charlotte over Phoenix, Boston over DC, Pace over the Hawk, Heat over the Net, Grizz over the Buck, 6ers over Hornets (no davis or rivers), Nuggets over Rockets, Twolves over Magic, Mav over Rap, Lakers over Jazz, Kings over Pistons, Clip over Spurs, and Warriors over Cavs

Phoenix, Atlanta and Miami win, Minn wins and Boston wins. Nuggets win. Memphis wins, Philly wins. Dallas wins, Utah wins. Kings, Clips, and GS win. 

10-3 on the night. 27-21 coming in so now 37-24

Tomorrow will take OKC, PDX.

And I blew the tennis call, but will def take Djoker over Birdman

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