Saturday, November 3, 2012

nba night 4

"Tonight I'll take:  Pacers over Bobcats, Nuggets over Magic, Celtics over Bucks, Hawks over Rockets, Heat over Knicks, Cavs over Bulls, Jazz over Hornets, OKC over PDX, Sac over Minn, Detroit over Phoenix, Clippers over Lakers and Grizz over GS."

Whoa, taking a beating tonight. B'cats win, as do Magic and Bucks.  Rockets win, Bulls win. Minn win, OKC win, NO win, and Knicks win.Phoenix, Clips, and the Grizz win making me 3-9 on the night, 11-14 on the season

tomorrow, C's over the Wiz, Pacers over Kings, Nets over Raptors, Heat beat the Nuggets, Bulls  beat the hornets, PDx over the Rocketship, Bucks over the Cavs, Mavs over the Bcas,Spurs over the Jazz and Clips over GS

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