Friday, July 10, 2009

daily commute

Beautiful weather today.  Unfortunately I had to wait for a plumber for 3 hours this morning, which ended up costing way too much money as well.  And then the fun started.  Was almost to work, at the usual trouble spot around the NYU hospital, avoiding the myriad minivans and town cars dive-bombing toward the hospital drop off, grabbed a line to avoid ConEd van and cones when a minivan taxi (license 2d90) on my left came over in my lane, inches away and layed on his horn.  I had no room as there was a big construction gully just barely to the right of my wheel.  I had no choice but to hop into it, and fortunately was fine.  Chased after him, which I never do, I hate the thought of creating even more anger toward cyclists.   I caught up to him a few blocks later at a stop sign, stopped right by 2 police officers who were chatting.  I asked him to roll down his window and he sped through the stop sign, almost hitting a pedestrian.  I asked the 2 officers if they saw that and they shrugged.  He turned right off 1st ave. I was late to work but at this point was furious so I chased him down, he was stopped at the next light.  I asked him to roll his window down and asked him basically what the hell he thought he was doing, etc etc.  He never said anything other than a very sincere "I'm sorry, sir" over and over, even if I asked him yes/no questions.  

Off to Mass. for a wedding, have a great weekend, good luck to all who are racing. 

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