Thursday, July 2, 2009

the daily commute

This morning was the kind of commute that makes me love biking to work.  I like it a bit hot, really makes my muscles feel nice and loose, and the traffic flow felt perfect, even Flatbush was moving.  Over the Manhattan bridge, I was happily late enough to not have much traffic on the bridge either.  Got the light at 1st Ave and a nice string of greens until 23rd.  All was going well until I reached the area around NYU Hospital on 1st Ave around 34th Stree.  This always a cluster(&(^, but the bet hedger occupies two lanes with a signal on, but not turning.  I suppose I should be thankful for the signal.  Nobody likes someone hedging their bets.  This role is often inhabited by the cyclist's nemesis, the Access a Ride.  BSNYC has already skewered, and I won't even try to compete with him as he is far funnier and smarter and it would just be similar to the weekly park races with me being spit out of the back.  The role of the Access a Ride was in this case played by a Hasidic gentleman in a minivan.

Hoping to go to Rockleigh to race after work, see how the weather holds up.  So far, it is the same forecast as always, strong storms starting around 3 PM, but every day that seems to get pushed back later and later as the day goes on, and last night I don't think it ended up raining at all.

update:  after getting distracted by having to move around a bunch of nitrogen canisters, I log on to gothamist and am horrified to see this:

 Meanwhile, Miss Manhattan herself, Sarah Jessica Parker might be moving to BrooklynRumor has it that her and the family may have purchased Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany's double-wide, 9-bedroom townhouse at 17 Prospect Park West (pictured)

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