Saturday, December 10, 2011

Wheel quandary

I recently bought a Powertap laced to a Mavic Open Pro on Serotta forums. The seller was extremely nice, even surprisingly offering to pay shipping. Get the wheel, and there is a pretty large spot right at the wheel junction that has obviously been filed, fairly sloppily, leaving some sharp edges.. Reached out to seller who basically says "oh, that spot. that spot is fine, that's just where it was filed, doesn't affect anything." First of all, a little pissed because seems clear to me and everyone I've shown it to, that it is definitely deserving disclosure when selling. Few questions for the peanut gallery? Do I still ride it? Mixed opinions on the safety involved. Just replace the rim and be happy that with that 80 bucks pissed away, it is still a good deal? Say something publicly on the feedback thread?

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