Monday, March 14, 2011

Driving Mr. Crazy

Too much has been said already about Mr. Cassidy's New Yorker article, which I will not link here, as I don't want to give him and the New Yorker any more page views. You don't need to read the article, to summarize, he is pissed at bike lanes for making it more difficult to park in front of his favorite restaurant when driving to dinner from Brooklyn to Manhattan. Many people responded, the best, as always, was BSNYC.

2 thoughts:

He "mispoke" and said 4th ave instead of 3rd ave. Fine, whatever. Except the one on 3rd ave is terrible anyway. If he so strongly objects to a 3 foot wide barely painted strip that everyone ignores, I don't wish to try to make him feel otherwise, but I would also point out that it's a block away from the road he thought he was driving on, 4th ave, which is like a freaking superhighway. Why not drive there? There to Atlantic and he's practically all the way to Manhattan without a single bike lane.

Lastly, speaking of Atlantic, I hope he was strongly opposed to Atlantic Yards, arena traffic is definitely going to make him miss his dinner reservation.

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  1. You know I interviewed some of Cassidy's favorite Manhattan restaurant employees over the weekend, and they all agree "his parking is worse than his bite"