Friday, July 9, 2010

The Friendly Skies

NY post stole my headline: LeBum.

But on to the story. I have just spent 7 hours at LaGuardia and been booked on 2 airlines and gotten absolutely nowhere.

Flight 687 is the one that really burns me, especially since after some research I see that Flight 689 was scheduled for an hour later, and still arrived an hour earlier, even though their story was that due to weather noone was taking off.

On the way back, all flights to NYC were canceled, so I flew to DC and caught the last flight to LGA. Got to PDX at 745 am, arrived in LGA at 1:45 am.

Speaking of flight risks, and being a horrible place, NYC is killing geese. Gassed 4o0 in Prospect Park last week.

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