Thursday, April 1, 2010

when a young man's fancy turns to glove

3 days to go. 

Arsenal plays Barca to a draw, amazing considering how badly they were outplayed. I've become fairly obsessed with Arsenal after listening to hours and hours of "It's Up for Grabs Now," the hilarious podcast with Alan Davies.  

Federer lost to Berdych in 4th round of Sony Ericcson, after losing early in Indian Wells. 

I have to stop bidding on ebay, have a wheelset coming I don't need, because I didn't expect to win, and a crankset that I need even less, but the fact that it is coming makes me want to buy a frame to put it on.  

But most importantly, the internet frightens me.  A friend mentioned "baby Einstein" and all it took was typing those words into a google image search to find this:

Happy Easter, have a good weekend.

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