Friday, December 4, 2009

Don't tell me....

Tough games to call this weekend, I'm going to pick the Knicks in a stunning road upset in Atlanta, 110-107. Really torn about the Nets coming to MSG on Sunday, I could easily see this being the Nets 1st victory of the year, or the Knicks to go on a whopping 2 game win streak.  I'm gonna say Nets win, 100-89,  but I could easily pull in 0fer this weekend.  

May actually get some snow on Saturday, won't stick since it still is about 8 degrees above average for winter so far, but that would be nice, you know, seasonal.  

The list of things to replace, fix, upgrade on my bike is growing and growing, which is just serving as a reminder that I need a winter beater. I also need a nice simple way to record upright bass as long as I am airing my wants and needs.  

Speaking of which, last night marked the 3rd straight day that someone has trapped me into a very awkward, close quartered and totally inappropriate conversation.  First, there was the post-doc in a neighboring lab who commented on the subway being a great place for viruses to grow as well as to fondle women you are standing close to.  I really want to assume he was kidding, but I just am not at all sure. 

The second one was less odd, so much so that I have forgotten it entirely, but I know it was there, the third took the cake.  It occurred in the Men's locker room at the YMCA, and that right there is not how I like to begin any story.  Someone I know only very vaguely, as a slightly crazy person who is trying to convince me to allow him to be my "trainer" and swears he can get me to "the show" by January was singing "Just my Imagination" with another man in the room.  They were trading comments about bands and songs they like and he launches into a story about a Denzel movie featuring the song "Just my Imagination" and how it "helped me get the best &^%$% of my life" and proceed to tell every detail.  This was perhaps the most detailed story I have ever heard and ended, well, not well, but very climactically.  I walked away blushing and nauseous and still am both.  

Ride safe (no pun intended) and have a great weekend, and don't share too much, I can't take another one. 

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